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ASA Resources designs and installs electricity generating (PV) solar systems for homes as well as commercial and industrial businesses. Solar (PV) panels convert the sun’s light energy into electricity.

Most commonly, a homeowner or business will install a solar PV system to generate some or all of their own electricity, while maintaining the connection to their utility – the grid. A grid-tied system balances the load demand of the property with the rays generation capacity, drawing from the grid as needed, or putting excess solar-generated power back on… essentially ‘spinning’ the meter backward in the process.

In most cases, we recommend customers ‘size’ their grid-tied system based on the amount of electricity they use during their average load months, typically March/ April for homes in the south and midwest. This results in a system that usually covers about 60-70% of the property’s annual electricity usage, without generating net excess capacity over the course of the full year.

You own your home, you own your car, so why not own your power? Our goal is to help homeowners become power owners as well, making your power bill an asset rather than a liability. Go solar today and start owning your power. 

12 Months, No Interest, No Payments 

When you switch to solar, you are effectively trading your power bill for a monthly solar loan payment. The loan goes towards purchasing your solar panels and other necessary equipment. After you finish paying for the panels, you no longer make a monthly payment. The “12 months, no interest, no payments” means you don’t pay a penny for the first 12-months that you own your solar system.

26% Tax Credit  

Right now, the federal government is shelling out a 26% federal tax credit for qualified homeowners. This means solar benefits you directly. How about an extra $7,000 (average tax credit) you get to keep in your pocket this year instead of handing it over to the Feds!

Energy Efficiency Upgrades Included

On every solar installation we do, we include a free energy efficiency package which includes an in-house energy audit to assess your home’s insulation and determine your current energy deficiencies. Your audit results are then reviewed by one of our energy experts to determine the specific services needed to protect, seal and properly insulate your home.


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